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·The enterprise’s aim:Do the more and better for the benficial of the people.
·The enterprise’s spirit:Doing with all our heart and the best we can , and discharging our responsibility.
·The employees’ tenet:More diligent more rewarded.
·Innovatory idea:Changing ourselves.
·Industrial idea:Let unhealthy person be getting health , and let healthy person keep health and be more healthy.
·Team’s idea: Coordinating efforts and cooperation, treating each other with sincerity, uniting in all sincerity and dedication , loving our job and being dedicated to our profession.
·Enterprise’s idea:We can do well what others fail to do;changing unfavourable conditions as favourable ones;highly effective working rhythm;creating good result as far as possible.
·Idea about the customers:Our all come form the customers , lossing the customers means lossing our all; we should be responsible for our customer as we have treated ourselves.
·The idea having respect for the employees:we train and put the talents in an important position , respect each employee’s dignity and personality , treat everyone equally without discrimination;we will provide training and developing opportunities for each employee,unremittingly raise the employees’ quality and skill and create welfare for them.
·Idea of product and quality:Being on the lookout for novelty of the products and exquisiteness of quality is the etermal subject of our work.
·The brand’s idea (proclamation): Treat Minsheng’s brand as ourselves’s life; for any work , we will do with all our heart and the best we can , and discharge our responsibility;unremitting innovation,improvement and upgrade are our etemal subject;letting the customers to be satisfactory is our promise and responsibility for ever.
·Enterprise’s target: Overall implement the strategy of leaping-type development and create a new times of”Minsheng”developing!
For further development on APIs, Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Minsheng Group) with experience on APIs for more than 50 years, Invested Minsheng Group Shaoxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Minsheng Shaoxing Pharma.) Located in Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone , which is the APIs base in Southeastern Zhejiang Province.The Former of Minsheng Group Shaoxing Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is the bulk pharmaceuticals subsidiary of Minsheng Group.